Freedom x Funk: Meet Susy Oludele

It's Women's History Month and we are chatting with a few funky sweethearts whose styles we love. Each woman is very different from the other; collectively they embody Nakimuli: The Funky Sweetheart.


If you are not familiar with Susy yet, I'm sure you do know her work. This Nigerian American hails from the Bronx and has done dope hair styles of all of true favs: Zoe Kravitz, Solange, and Beyonce. (Yes, the queen herself.) And she has even used her talents in a few of our photo shoots. Susy is a spitfire of love, light and positivity. Her fearlessness in being bold and taking risks is so contagious and makes her an inspiration for all those who come in contact with her.


 Find Susy:

Wearing: Nakimuli Vintage Harmony Duster, Nakimuli Be Good To Me Dress in gold


What was the first item that made you fall in love with Nakimuli?
I remember back in the days, I was on the computer and I was researching high fashion, afrocentric brands, and I came across this one outfit in particular on Erykah Badu! And I was like "Yo!!!!! That's so fire. Oh my god." And ever since then, I was inspired. 



Who has had a major influence on you and your style?
You know, that's's a funny question. I feel like the person or who has had a major influence on my style was God. It's God and me cuz every time I wake up and I want to wear an outfit, I go based on how I feel, you know, and sometimes God inspires me to go colorful, go bold, go loud. So I just play around with clothes and just do what feels right.


Wearing: Nakimuli Vintage Nika Jacket (Susy's own), Nakimuli Red Velvet Bodysuit

If you could go back in time, what era would you go to?
Oooooo...I would I have to pick one? Cuz I feel like the 70s...I love the 70s! With Cher and her beautiful wigs and her glitter all over. That's like my mood every day. Lol. And then the 80s, I love the styles, it's just so retro and everybody just feels good. I love it. And the 90s too, you know, coming into the 90s, it's very playful, the overalls...yea I just...yes, 70s, 80s, 90s. Lol.


Wearing: Nakimuli Vintage Nika Jacket (Susy's own), Nakimuli Red Velvet Bodysuit, Nakimuli Draped Front Skirt in black/white stripe

What is one thing most people would be surprised to know about you?
Ooooo...surprised to know about me? Hmmm. That I love feet! Lol! I love feet. You know, I'm not weird or anything, you know, I just like pretty feet. I like looking at it. It's like "Ooooo, you got nice feet. I love it." I love feet. 


Wearing: Nakimuli Short Sleeve Nellie Jumper in black

What is the last thing you googled?
Ooooo! Let me check right now. "Choppa Style", lol, the song, "Choppa style, chop, chop, choppa style."


What would be the title of your memoir?
Memoir by Susan Oludele.


Susy with her bae, Chris

Anything you want to leave our audience with?
Live your life. Be free. Never underestimate yourself. Don't sleep on God, you know. Dream big, dream biiiiig, like so huge that you surprise yourself. I love to inspire myself, I love to surprise myself when I'm creating anything, or when I want to put something out or a project. I have to feel like "Wow! This is fire! I love this!" And then I feel like, ok, I've done something, you know. So always like use yourself as the best coach, you know. And learn from others, support people that are doing something creative, whether it's business or artistry, anything. Support them because I think one of the major things is a lot of us lack support, you know. And a lot of us do have support, but a lot of us lack support. So even if you're not doing anything or you don't have any goals or things, support the ones that are. Love yourself. Be confident, be bold in how you use your voice. And spread love everywhere you go. We got enough negativity in the world so just spread love in everything you do. If you meet someone in the morning, spread love. Night? Spread love.








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